2023 Summer Fun Fishing Contest

Contest Dates:   June 1 through Sept 30, 2023

Where:  Public waters within Albany County & Carbon County, Wyoming including Bureau of Land Management, US Forest Service, Wyoming State Park, Wyoming Game and Fish Department, and Wyoming State lands.  Fish caught on private property will not be accepted into the contest.

Sponsor & Contest Headquarters:  Trading Post Bar & Restaurant, Centennial, Wyoming

Participant Registration period:  June 1 through August 31, 2022

Participant Registration & contest communication:   Trading Post website and Trading Post Instagram account, Fishing Contest email (tradingpostfish@yahoo.com)

How To Enter:

  1. Register via email (tradingpostfish@yahoo.com) or in person at the Trading Post.  Submit contest payment via Venmo or by check.   
  2. Once registered, a contest tape measure will be mailed to contestants.
  3. Go fishing.   Snap a photo of your fish with the fish stretched out on top of the tape measure so the tape measure can be read in the photograph.  Anglers are expected to respect the fish.  Follow all Game & Fish regulations.   If releasing – minimize time out of the water, only release if the fish swims away and appears healthy. 
  4. Submit photo of your fish with information of where you caught it to tradingpostfish@yahoo.com. Entries must include location to define what contest bracket they fit in.
  5. Watch for contest information on Trading Post website.

Contest Entrance Fees

Youngsters (Up to 10 years of age):  $5

Youth (10-16 years of age):  $10

Anglers (17-54 years of age):  $40

Seniors (55+ years of age):  $30

Contest Brackets –

Stream Fishing, Top 3

Lake Fishing, Top 3

Monthly Winners Will Be Posted Here on The Trading Post Website!

Monthly winners will then be entered for an All Summer prize awarded after Sept. 30, 2023

Questions? Contact Bri or Nita at tradingpostfish@yahoo.com!

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